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Bad Boy Lyrics

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Movie       –   Saaho 2019
Singers     –   Badshah,Neeti Mohan
Music/Lyrics    –   Badshah
Music Produceder     –   Aditya Dev
Music Label              –   T-Series

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Babu Hold Your Breath
Tere Pass jo aau to Hosh Uda du
Mein Sach mein

Baby Wait a Sec Tujhe Nahi
hai Pata Hai Kitna Maza Mere
Touch Mein (Touch Mein)

I Know You Yaar Naiyo Naiyo
Naiyo Need It Tere Ankho mein
Likha hai Sab Kuch I
Committed (Committed)

Thoda Seedha Sadha hu
mein Thoda sa hu Bad Girl
Baby am a Bad Boy Can You
Be My Bad Girl High Rehta

Baby High I S T A Y F L Y Fly
Jaise Helicopter Yo Am So Sick
Koi Bulao Docter ko Sab Cash
No Checks Mein Chup Rahu Swag

Kare Mere Flex Mood mein aa
Gya to baby to Tere boyfreind
k aag laga dunga X Boy Am
Down with a Down Tune le

Liya ye Dil Tujhse doori
banye rakhna Boy ab ho
geya Mushkil Boy Am Down
with a Down Dil le liya

ye bhi Tujhse doori banye
rakhna Boy ab ho geya Mushkil
Tu Hein Fire mein hu jaise
Gasuwim bOY Take me Higher

You Know What I Mean Boy
Mad GIRL I Know You Know
Bad Boy I Can be your Bad Girl

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Bad Boy Lyrics,Bad Boy Lyrics

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